Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One Tuesday Morning/Beyond Tuesday Morning by Karen Kingsbury

** I know I am not doing as many book reviews as I would like but I am proud to say that after 3 years of trying to have a baby, we are PREGNANT! So with that being said, I have been very tired!**

According to Goodreads:

Based on the tragedy of the Twin Towers ... two powerful novels of heroism, loss, and redemption by New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury. ONE TUESDAY MORNING. The last thing Jake Bryan knew was the sound of the World Trade Center collapsing on top of him and his fellow firefighters. The man in the hospital bed remembers nothing. Not rushing with his teammates up the stairway of the south tower to help trapped victims. Not being blasted from the building. And not the woman sitting by his bedside who says she is his wife.Jamie Bryan will do anything to help her beloved husband regain his memory. But that means helping Jake rediscover the one thing Jamie has never shared with him: his deep faith in God.BEYOND TUESDAY MORNING: Determined to find meaning in her grief three years after the terrorist attacks on New York City, FDNY widow Jamie Bryan pours her life into volunteer work at a small memorial chapel across from where the Twin Towers once stood. There, unsure and feeling somehow guilty, Jamie opens herself to the possibility of love again. But, in the face of a staggering revelation, only the persistence of a tenacious man, questions from Jamie's curious daughter, and words from her dead husband's journal can move Jamie beyond one Tuesday morning ... toward life.

 One Tuesday Morning/Beyond Tuesday Morning, is the first Karen Kingsbury book that I have read. To say the least, I was not disappointed. The events surrounding September 11, has affected each and everyone of us in some way. 

The first book, One Tuesday Morning ; showed the events leading up to September 11th for two different families. Jamie Byran was a wife of a firefighter, Jake and they had a daughter, Sierra. Eric was an overly dedicated business man who let work take over his life. Eric was married to Laura and they had a son, Josh. I couldn't seem to put this book down! I could visualize being in the towers. I could also visualize the pain and heartache that these two wives had in common. God played a huge role in these families overcoming a tragic event.

The second book, Beyond Tuesday Morning; was about choosing to live. Jamie can remember the day just like it was yesterday. She has to make a choice to either live in the past or live for the future. I have to admit that I rooted for her in this book!! I am so happy how things turned out.

I can't wait to read the last book in this series!

I rate this book 5/5!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hoping for Love (The McCarthys of Gansett Island #5) by Marie Force

**Hoping for Love is book #5 in The McCarthys of Gansett Island Series. While it is not necessary to read these books in order, the characters follow each other from one book to the next.**

Grace Ryan was always known as the "fat" girl for all of her life. Grace was always teased by her fellow classmates. Trying every diet known to man with no success, she opted for the lap band surgery. After losing 130 pounds and keeping it off, she is starting to have a little more confidence in herself. This of course leads her back into the dating pool. She starts dating this guy she has always had a crush on but things take a turn for the worse when he leaves her on Gansett Island without a penny to her name.

Meanwhile, Evan McCarthy is home on the Island helping his family with their Marina and waiting for his CD to launch. Evan was playing at the Tiki Bar when he noticed Grace crying. Evan comes to her rescue and falls completely head over heels for this woman. Something he swore would never happen. Evan makes it perfectly clear that he isn't into relationships. Grace makes it clear that a relationship is what she wants. Will Grace be enough to change is mind on the whole relationship thing? To find out read: Hoping for Love.

Evan and Grace's story only added to this amazing series!! Each new story that is added, brings not only a whole new romance but allows us to re-connect with the characters we came to love! This story in particular was brilliant! I found myself laughing at certain parts hysterically!

I almost feel as though I am part of the McCarthy clan. I feel as though I have experienced all their ups and downs. I laugh with them and I cry with them. I am looking forward to reading the next book, A Season for Love.

I rate this book 5/5!