Saturday, June 25, 2016

Making Chase (Chase Brothers #4)

This was by far my favorite book of this series. Why you may ask? Well, I like how it involves a different kind a beauty. One that goes beyond the surface!

Tate Murphy isn't your typical person. She is from the wrong side of town. In fact, her father is a drunk and her mother is no good. Tate and her siblings worked together to put everyone through college and to make sure they didn't want for anything. Although, Tate had a horrible upbringing, she now owns her own house and her own business! Thanks to her father, her self esteem is very low.

Matt Chase is the last Chase brother who is single. All the ladies want their fill of this man! When Tate and Matt's paths cross, he realizes that he loves everything about this woman. She is unlike anyone else that he has dated. Tate stands no chance fighting off the attraction that is bursting between them. 

Tate comes with baggage--her family. She also has to deal with what people are saying about her relationship with Matt. Does Matt have what it takes to break down the walls that are surrounding Tate? Will he run away at the first sign of trouble or can two people from different sides of town really make a relationship work?


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